October 17, 2018

Photocopy centres provide cheap and reliable services for example digital imaging, colour printing and document reproduction. Lately, more photocopy centres have expanded their helps to feature bookbinding and laminating services. By specialising in these services, photocopy centres moved to business machines like binding machines, electric guillotines, paper guillotines, laminating machines and rapid electric staplers. It is not easy to handle sheets of photocopied paper which are unsecured. In addition ,, reading can be considerably more inconvenient. Photocopy centres now offer laminating services for customers who wish to protect their documents, pictures and identification cards from wear and tear. For efficient bookbinding and laminating services, your photocopying business should use specialised business machines, like:

1. Binding Machine. It is just a device employed to bind and secure pieces of paper together. A manual binding machine will be the right choice if you have a fortune of paper that needs binding. However, it makes more sense to make use of an electrical binding machine if you have a large volume of paper to bind. Employing a binding machine is pretty easy unlike the old-fashioned binding process wherein you painstakingly glue each page before stitching the spine with the bound material. Manual binding machines punch holes towards the paper. Plastic combs secure the bound material with the holes at the end of the paper.

2. Paper Guillotine. When binding sheets of paper together, you’ll want to align them. You need to use a paper guillotine to trim the edges to be sure that the sheets of paper are aligned well. Because of its versatility and precision, paper guillotines are employed to cut from cardboards to stacks of paper.

3. Electric Guillotine. For high-volume work, electric guillotine machine cuts large stacks of paper that manual paper guillotines no longer can do.

4. Laminating Machine. Lamination protects the paper or document from scratches, tears and wrinkles that can affect the text or graphic. It also increases the look of printed documents. Lamination can be carried out by either hot roll or cold roll laminating machines. Hot roll laminating machines use rollers to melt glue extruded unto lamination film. The film will be placed on paper or cardboard using pressure rollers. Cold roll laminating machines use adhesive-coated plastic film which has a glossy backing to safeguard graphic-intensive and heat-sensitive materials. When the glossy backing is taken away, the exposed adhesive side with the film will stick straight away to the information which needs to be laminated. The machine’s rollers will apply pressure for the films that wrap the pad, thus binding it together.

5. Rapid Electric Stapler. This specific type of electric stapler is produced for stapling at a rapid rate to achieve a stitching effect. When compared with a typical mechanical stapler, the rapid electric stapler is automated and need any effort from your operator to offer the necessary speed.

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